Monday, March 18, 2013

Constellation Zimmerman

When you see no stars.

You’ll never know where you are.

You call out and no one answers,

Your radio waves failed you.

Frequencies are dancing around,

As you stumble between

eviscerating options.

The world is spinning too fast,

Understanding is at your fingers,

But you grasp at stability,

You reach for what you know,

Just for the false insecurity.

Risk involves gambling,

Often enough sacrilege.

Where do you stand with god?

His world has you needing,

You stand wanting,

Solace is available but

It isn’t cost effective.

Freedom isn’t there,

However, it isn’t feasible.

Life is too precious to lose,

Loose, a life is nothing whereas

In numbers, one and many is enough

Only to die to impact that change desired by one.

So, it really isn’t worth it, is it.

And if economics has taught us,

Sacrifice to spare the net.

Stay cost effective.

Save that figure

As it loses shape and face,

Just so the mirror will show.

You are guilty,

Guilty for a star-barren sky,

Guilty for starving children,

Guilty for families orphaned,

Guilty for broad-scale de-humanization.

All for a heavenly balance.

But what heaven do you know of,

When you only have a black carpet

Instead of a diamond studded velvet blanket

To keep you human.

When there are no stars to see,
How do you know where you are?