Monday, March 18, 2013

Constellation Zimmerman

When you see no stars.

You’ll never know where you are.

You call out and no one answers,

Your radio waves failed you.

Frequencies are dancing around,

As you stumble between

eviscerating options.

The world is spinning too fast,

Understanding is at your fingers,

But you grasp at stability,

You reach for what you know,

Just for the false insecurity.

Risk involves gambling,

Often enough sacrilege.

Where do you stand with god?

His world has you needing,

You stand wanting,

Solace is available but

It isn’t cost effective.

Freedom isn’t there,

However, it isn’t feasible.

Life is too precious to lose,

Loose, a life is nothing whereas

In numbers, one and many is enough

Only to die to impact that change desired by one.

So, it really isn’t worth it, is it.

And if economics has taught us,

Sacrifice to spare the net.

Stay cost effective.

Save that figure

As it loses shape and face,

Just so the mirror will show.

You are guilty,

Guilty for a star-barren sky,

Guilty for starving children,

Guilty for families orphaned,

Guilty for broad-scale de-humanization.

All for a heavenly balance.

But what heaven do you know of,

When you only have a black carpet

Instead of a diamond studded velvet blanket

To keep you human.

When there are no stars to see,
How do you know where you are?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Infectious Manifesto

alt: reviving responsible bukkake and vaginal exercise

Since I’ve lived in the United States, I’ve experienced many shifts of popularized vocalizations of current events. I remember when Larry the Cable Guy was famous enough to warrant a stand-up DVD and a feature film. I don’t fully understand the American audience; admittedly, I even received a stand-up special by Larry from a high school sweetheart and didn’t quite understand the gift. Yet, I appreciated the present nonetheless. To be clear, I enjoyed the special: Simple allegories, bare minimum observational comedy with a litany of recycled jokes- just to my liking as I just entered the arena of free speech. I had not yet encountered those who spoke against comfort.

I’ve learned to pay attention to the media to an extent. The ubiquitously popularized media is readily available and very willing to inform anyone of what is supposed to be the world let alone the “status quo.” Despite mass bombings in the far East [really as close as Dublin, Ireland] or un-inhibited torture anywhere, there is still a bastion of honesty in the Western world. Unfortunately, this truth must be sought and obtained beyond the means of standard indoctrination.

MSNBC will be there for you; any entity claiming national broadcasting status should exemplify universal availability. Unfortunately, FOXNews Network and the shared subsidiaries is just as ready and useless as NBC. Truth is expensive. Money can’t buy truth. Truth is incalculable, it is not quantifiable, and will always linger after transcriptions of trade pass. Truth is art. Art never passes; with fading, tarnishing and overall languishing in nature, honest expression will prevail as honesty. No one has ever succeeded in stifling the human spirit completely.

Ultimately, it is your duty to obtain, process, and filter information to your will as commended by whatever or whichever institution raised [tasered] you. Acknowledge advancements in any and all fields to understand the full representation of the NEWS just to understand that personal safety is not an issue but a privilege outlined in the governing document of the country you live in and it should not be manipulated. If one pillar were to fall the rest would follow suit; free speech is difficult to defend without a means of physical defence. How many more students need to be pepper sprayed before this is realized? If the concept of defence against government is too far-fetched, I urge you to look up a brief history of Japanese Americans; predominantly unarmed and peaceful citizens who were treated as war criminals. You cannot maintain a monolithic structure without the foundation that made it possible. Despite the debt that holds this nation in shackles, there is an inherent desire to be independent. In due time, the nation that has formed on the North American continent will persevere through the tribulation of being bankrupted and indebted.

As a species, we must realize that we contribute and detract from our environment. In Nature, there is a balance that we must adhere to or face the consequences of deliberate selfishness and gluttony. We witness de-forestation easily and watch the rampant pollution of natural water reserves as though we anticipate a clean energy renewal project to fall into our hands and fix the manifested problems with no concern. Clean energy projects are suffocated by men who have invested too much money in oil. As informed and educated citizens we still sit complacently in our traffic-jammed idling SUV on the way to the mall. Knowing the consequences of these unchecked actions and not doing what we can or rather should is a crime, a shame but it isn’t illegal. Money goes to violence in the name of safety, is spent on population management under the moniker of healthcare and is spent on stunting children through a “department of education,” a governing entity so far removed from schools that Creationism is still a debate.

We have to enact change to ordain the world we strive to live in. I urge you to re-use the water bottle in your hand. I urge you to bring your thermos to Starbucks for that pick-me-up. Really, I urge you to find that local coffee shop that avoids corporatized manufacturers to maintain that relationship between roaster and farmer. It is difficult and near impossible to keep this under wraps or even beyond scrutiny but still we must realize the ecological impact of our socio-economic actions. We must re-tune our ears to listen for true cries of freedom rather than the laser sound effects at 11PM on channel 4. We are the first world nation at the frontier of human civilization, for now. Rome didn’t collapse in a day. If we cough into a napkin, the world will follow.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Clean Consciences

“Hey, fucktard! Yeah, you wearing medical scrubs on the F train. Yeah, that’s awesome you’ve a hot pink pair to match your filthy running shoes. I bet you’re super comfortable sitting in those delightfully loose cotton garments. Unfortunately, your level of ignorance is making me extremely uncomfortable,” I thought to myself one sunny day in NYC.

Think about it: the purpose of scrubs is to maintain at least a semi-sterile environment. As in, where scrubs are worn should be secluded, detached, or made separate from the putridly dirty and infested urban world. This cannot be that difficult to understand. 

Granted, I understand the convenience of not having to change [let alone scrub off by means of a shower] at work but what about sitting in a carriage that smells strongly of piss, often enough other human excrement, and then walking into a healthcare facility. Just boarding the subway alone demands pushing through some sort of revolving mechanism forcing clothing to make a grand amount of deliberate contact with an oily stainless steel surface. Also, sitting amongst people coughing, sneezing, yawning urinating and possibly defecating is hardly sterile. Well, the urine might be. But shit isn’t; shit is about as bad as it gets.

Even worse is seeing shoppers in scrubs. Just merely running errands in scrubs begs the question: is this person going into or coming from a supposed to be sterilized environment where they are quite likely to have encountered someone with some sort of pathogen or worse yet, is this fucking idiot on break?! Not only is this first class transportation between environments for any number of microorganisms willing to venture between the realms of what-should-be-clean and glorious unadulterated FREEDOM! 

This can’t be so demanding that my brain is interpreting these circumstances as logical incongruity. Correct me if I’m wrong but for a world that is criticized for being entirely too mysophobic there’s rampant stimulated growth of bacteria and infectious agents. But yes, toting that hand sanitizer dangling from a blackened key chain or hanging one off of a scuffed backpack kicked about the floor. Just do me a favor: go ahead and buy the gallon bottle of Purel and drink it.