Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mental Masturbation

Guest Author: Bryanna Weiche

As an obligation to ourselves, we must create
Otherwise the toxins of idleness
Slowly build up inside.
It will spread through you like a disease
Paralyzing your senses and numbing your emotions
Until all you feel is what others tell you to feel.
Your motivations slip through your fingers
You find solace in others
Telling yourself that you're still worth something.
The blank canvas decays
And the empty pages rot.
Your mind stalls like the engine of a car
With nowhere to go
And no one giving the driver directions.
If you're as good as you say you are,
Then the hardest part is not thinking of what to write
It's not depicting your ephemeral muse
But rather picking up your preferred utensil of creativity.
No one ever explicitly said that mental masturbation was bad
So go ahead
Rub one out
Release that toxin
And who knows
You might even create something worthwhile.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dedicated to: Jen S: You're the gift. Best wishes, always!

Grab my vial,

watch me pour out
your soul.
A lake of chemical excrement;
toxic biotics in black-tie tuxes
know just
as the holy one-armed junkie
that your soul is sold.
Bought by a laboratory
to cook the perfect confection.
Not Ecstacy,
not even Heaven,
but Love with a glass of water.

Take twice daily
as needed for withdrawal
from the human connection.
Side effects may include
but are never limited to:
Reliance on devices that flash& Vibrate,
Irritability, Listlessness, a lackluster nature, etc.,
don’t worry;

You Are Already Dead