Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Osama bin Blah blah

No one alive and conscious is unaware of what happened on September 11th, 2001. It was a devastating moment in New York history, a bizarre moment for National history and a moment that shook the world, yet it is minor when compared to other catastrophes in Earth’s history. Nearly a decade later, on May 1st, the man claimed to be responsible for this atrocity was executed. The president of the United States released a statement the following day that briefly mentioned Osama bin Laden’s murder but quickly diverted his speech to the event commonly known as 9/11 as well as the repercussions the country faced; his statement was seemingly of National closure rather than the execution at hand.

Osama bin Laden was apparently a man who had many estranged bed-fellows throughout his life but I really don’t care for the man’s politics and eventually we would have to talk about 9/11 (the truth will eviscerate inevitably, conspiracy theorists) and I’d rather let bygone’s be bygones; Forget the Alamo! Osama was apparently diabetic, cancerous and aging; perhaps not old but he was well past his prime. Not to mention his dialysis treatments, speculate all you want but it was fairly apparent that the man had kidney ailments, that coupled with any cancer or diabetes is grounds for an early and expected death. It also means the necessitation of prescribed medicine and regular specified medical attention from a specific medical practitioner. The man was dying anyway. Hence, his death is meaningless, if you can see the bigger picture rather than what is merely presented to you via your favourite media outlet.

Al Qaeda is still in existence, far as we know or can assume. His death and the subsequent murder of his family members will only entice his unabashed follower’s to loathsome driven anger; will probably cause retaliation that could have been easily avoided entirely. Understand, I am not disheartened or upset that Osama is dead; I was not for the man’s existence, in any fashion. But considering that he was a dying entity and the US has observed peace on its own soil, at least from foreign attackers, he living his very shortened out life, while the US government could have spent that money on anything; education, for example or even space travel. When was the last time we put a man or monkey on another planet, just to say we did it? We explored a foreign piece of our galaxy, personally. Even putting another man on the moon would be a major feat of accomplishment, at this point. The money is abundantly available and even whilst in debt, the US should probably choose its expenditures a little more prudently.

Just to think ten years later the man responsible is caught and killed. As though the memory was beginning to fade and the nation was settling back into its comfort of just being. But instead, they have amped up the Security Threat level, inadvertently jacked up the price of gasoline and traded goods, and reminded us all of the turmoil citizens of the USA faced, then. I was asked if I knew anyone who was affected by the attacks ten years ago and I said no, being a naturalized citizen as of 2010 from South Africa, I have only been here since December 2002. Perhaps that’s why I’m so unbiased on the issue or the vengeance plot; I’ve never had anyone in my life be affected by a man-caused disaster, not consciously, anyway.

I view life as a perennial process that goes on with and without you, as George sang. Sure, I will grieve and mourn someone whom I had grown close to but I would not seek vengeance on whatever terminated his or her life. I would probably avoid whatever it was, in all honesty, however if perchance I were to confront and, let’s say “punish”, whatever took my loved one away, I would gladly be obliged in doing so despite whatever consequences await.

My understanding is: let bygones be bygones, let it be and let life continue as it will.

RIP Osama bin Laden (March 10th, 1957 – May 1st, 2011)

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