Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Thought Training

Sometimes, I forget where I am,
In time, or out of tune,
I can see the world around me,
Go around me.
Revolving, slowly,
Like the barrel of slack shot revolver.

Sometimes, I lose myself in a train of thought,
Only to see that I’ve landed in Grand Central.
Each train unique: a specific conductor,
The crew and their personalities,
And finally, the passengers,
Their value, by sheer weight.

Now think about Chaos:
Frequent occurrences of mindlessness:
Unharnessed, it is so easily and carnally satisfied,
Stuck with the frustration of living
With conscious limitations.

But to best this Chaos,
To command and guide each thought,
To nurture an idea, to witness progress,
to find the destination.
To find where the tracks end; if its tracks end at all.

Ultimately, some tracks cross,
Others fail, and there are always delays,
Time lost, sometimes found
But space is there, sometimes uncomfortable,
But there is always the last stop.

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