Monday, April 12, 2010

Morning Breath

I've been wondering where I've been the last two weeks.

Starting on Good Friday, after resigning from Nordstrom the day before, I went to the South Mountain Reservation and got lost for a few hours. I got some great shots of Autumns passing. I returned to the real world again when I met up with Niel for coffee, and then met up with Valentina soon after. We ended up in South Orange and I was introduced to a great grocery/prepared food store, Eden Gourmet. I don't recall Friday night, right now. Saturday hosted the Annual NYC Pillow Fight. Union Square was the battle-site of a good 7000 warriors; 7006 counting Mike, Gizem, Derya and Kazuno. Oh, there were a few cartoons as well. And of course, FOR GONDOR! After our epic battle, we ventured to Park Slope for some Easter BBQing. The wind picked up and it got fairly chilly out but we braved the chill and enjoyed the ambiance of penis whistles, beer pong with Stella, and a delightful double-hosed hookah (out in the cold, again). I claimed a bottle of Jim Beam Rye Whiskey for the night and that's about all that matters. We woke up Sunday ready for a hearty brunch with fantastic guacamole and mimosas but Jesus ruined that for us. I ventured back to Jersey with Evelyn across the mangled and frenzied roads of New York. We stopped at Cafe Luna before she headed off to do Eastery things. I went for a drive, enjoying the remnants of the passed weekend.

Houston, we have a problem. I am without a computer for an indefinite amount of time, should be no more than 4 weeks. But for the time being, I'll be posting more bloggier type blogs. I mean, I won't be posting my usual "angry" material. Rather, just whatever is on my mind at the time I get to a computer to write. It should be fun.

This weekend was pretty fantastic as well, though. Another BBQ on Friday at Sonja's; we ended up grilling by candlelight. I "directed" my first video on Saturday morning, in a church. Everyone who worked with us did an amazing job and I cannot say thank you enough to those who came out. We headed over to the Millburn Reservation for two rounds of Extreme Ultimate Intense Hide n Seek. Not long afterwards, we were skating. It was my first attempt on rollerskates, I think I might actually prefer them to roller blades.

I went into Brooklyn with Nora on Sunday; I needed a new jacket and she was going to climb stuff. I came back to Millburn, ended up at Above. It was really spectacular enjoying a poured Hoegaarden out on their patio while the Sun began it's descent. Oh and laughed until I cried.

Hey guys! The blog is now google result number one!!! Thank you very much, it would've taken me a lot longer to do it alone.



  1. Congratulations Kiran! What happened to the less-angry posts that we were so eagerly anticipating during the computer-less period?

  2. I was too busy enjoying being "happy."