Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Live Animation

It's Wednesday morning. I'm sitting in yesterday's jeans and t-shirt feeling my eyes sizzle. I think it's time to call it a day for working on "This is the Life" and go to sleep. I'm hoping to play life-size Tetris at work tomorrow; I'm going to the warehouse and that means no riding in the city. Seriously, if you hate your job, sincerely hate it, then quit. I imagine that anyone who is capable of reading this blog is also capable of sustaining his or her life, through whatever means necessary. So quit and enjoy the time you spend looking for another job. If you do look for another one.

I feel as though I've neglected the blog a little bit. Don't worry, I've apologized to myself. I could hardly take myself seriously at first, but I was very convincing. I'm sorry. It's okay.

In my most humble defence, I have been fairly busy lately. Not with school or work, though both have been detracting factors, but rather with life. I've been enjoying the spring winds as they blow my mind with these amazing bipolar tendencies. I have been gallivanting around NYC enough lately to find myself in extremely enticing scenarios. Earth day festivals and sunny days in Central Park mixed with a NYC Harbour cruise and a Dead Meadow show have given me perspective into what really matters in life: I and I.

It's an hour later into the early morning. I'm still checking and smoothing out bits of the video. I can't help it, it's like a bad habit.

I doubt I will be posting regularly until "This is the Life" is completed. I'm aiming for Friday, but who knows. I've got a few more projects to work on, but this will resume topmost priority soon.

All right, this is enough. I will be back soon to talk about the things you don't want your mother to know about. Oh, I must give many thanks to Severina for being the first to actually give my writing a thought out written response, I appreciated it greatly and look forward to any future debates/discussions. Also, getting close to 1000 views is pretty exciting. I'm might have a party on here; just bring your imagination.

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  1. i don't understand your blog! lol but, Nice to have met you!
    Kisses From France.

    Piounoid photographie.