Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pigmentation in Technicolour

You’re racist. No joke. You just simply are. If the words black, white, yellow, brown, nigger, spic, kyke (that’s not racist!), towel-head, chink, cracker, coon or Asian are in your vocabulary (don’t worry, they are now), you’re a racist. Congrats! All it means is that you’re an observant and judgemental person. Both are outstanding qualities that I enjoy in anyone. However, the line is drawn at discrimination; to exhibit prejudice from mere observation and to treat an individual as the generality of a whole is disgusting. It displays a level of arrogance even I’m uncomfortable with.

Now, we can all agree that language was invented by man. Every word (even God) is just a sonic representation of a thought, abstract and/or otherwise. Race is the representation of a judgemental thought, often it is misused as a discriminatory thought. Race is our creation; ergo, we can and must obliterate it. Think without race. Don’t worry. You can’t and that’s okay. It is too disconcerting. Why? You lose a major source of your own identity. You could never disassociate yourself from your heritage, culture or family history- after all, your entire life has developed based on fairly rigid social stigmas, most of which are racially biased. Relax, it is a terrible and terrifying thought, to say the least.

Still, you must consider the inadequacy of race; especially the dividing role it plays. Consider the white race, Caucasians if you will. A girl rooted in Southern France will bear little to no resemblance to a girl of Scandinavian origin. The term Caucasian is rendered meaningless, the span of the definition is too broad. Don’t get me started on blacks, or African Americans, or whatever those people are called these days. It’s insulting to shrink-wrap all of Mother Africa together. The land of the most diverse cultures, of the most inventive and wonderfully natural people, was labelled primitive (another great invention) because of the Caucasian man’s ignorance. He saw one colour instead of all the pure colours Africa truly possesses. They did the same thing with Asia, but I won’t be opening my eyes on that topic.

So, race is the invention that allowed the Caucasian man to divide what he thought was his world. It is really the only barrier left between people in the globalizing world. Borders have lost their meaning with the internet and prejudices are changing for the extreme. And since you assheads are already fucking up language, why not do something beneficial, too? Eliminate race and just forget about racism.

Now, the word God was made by man. I don’t think God calls himself God, that’s just pretentious. I mean, I would hope he can present a humble appearance; otherwise, I don’t even want to go to Heaven. Can you imagine? God being a total dick- just the most arrogant prick you could meet. Well, God is man-made. Probably made in China, you know, by Religion, Inc. Religion. I’m going to avoid a trip down this road, but just think about how your religion enforces racism. Shut up, I said think about it. God isn’t telepathic, unless the clumsy editors left that out of the Bible, too.


  1. Words. Words.. are what you make of them.

  2. Was this post about racism in relation to how language affects ideas (of race) and religion?

    It sounds like the typical rant of an angry, bitter being. Sure, its cleverly worded, but it's very poorly structured and fails to produce a clear argument.

    First of all, to use any of those listed words, or ones like it, doesn't make a person a racist. To display true prejudice and discrimination is what makes one a "racist".
    (this is simply an aside, but what was the point of your second paragraph? It's obviously contradictory, therefore renders itself completely useless.)

    The term race is meant to be broad. Think of it as a genre, rather than a title.
    Books, for example. Two books may be of the same genre, "Mystery", though they have no resemblance whatsoever (whether in physical appearance, or story line), they will be verbally categorized together, because they have a common, however vague, characteristic. Perhaps to understand a person in a more specific way, you would inquire about their ethnicity.

    So, you want to get rid of the idea of race(categorization), but you don't want to give up diversity? Who has placed this primitive label on Africa? Caucasians? What powers have you given the word 'Primitive'? Primitive, too, can be a broadly defined term, which may include something as vague as "not widely using the most current technology." I mean.. compared to Japan, America could be considered 'primitive'.

    Race is just a word. MAYBE this "Caucasian man" invented the word 'Race', sure its an english word, english isn't that old of a language. The Caucasian man, however, did NOT create the IDEA of race or racism. No one can say who did, it was just there. Before whites invaded Africa and North and South America, the people of those continents were already divided among themselves. Thousands of tribes, with apparent differences. For as long as there has been more than one tribe of people on this planet.

    Borders have lost their meaning with the internet? Do you mean national borders? Before I reply to that, I want to be 100% clear as to what you mean, so please explain. Also, how are people fucking up language?

    Again, I feel like most of the last paragraph is rather irrelative, though you use the word 'word' to segway into the argument, to make it appear as though it relates to whatever point you made about language.
    I know that my religion does not enforce racism; people with closed minds, suffering from some form of oppression enforce racism.
    Last sentence also an irrelative comment.

  3. Well said. I would write an equally long comment as the one above me explaining the exact opposite but I'm not as ambitious.

  4. Haha, if Kir hadnt asked, I wouldn't have commented. I simply feel like posts as such would be much better received if perhaps it had a positive way of expressing the subject of the argument.

  5. Haha, thanks Mr Gannon! Leave it to me, yes:

    This post was about the inadequacy of race as a thought. I also decided to incorporate a taste of how I feel about religion- articles will be up soon.
    I’ve been labelled as angry. This is fine, because I understand that not everyone will agree with what I’m saying or see the significance of what I am trying to share. I don’t think that I am angry; quite the contrary, I am very content most of the time. I realize you meant the article was angry, but you have added “bitter being” to my label. As for structure and providing a clear argument- I hope you will be buy the media I will profit from, I assure you I will give it my heart and soul, structure included. But for now, this is a blog and it is merely for mutual entertainment.
    And I disagree, knowing and using any derogatory word is grounds for being racist. What is “true prejudice” (discrimination doesn’t get a helper word?)? Perhaps to you it is violence, obvious segregations of citizens, and blatant harassment. (the second paragraph is my explaining that “race” is just a word and a concept, “god” is a word and [concept by which we measure our pain –JL]. But please, point out the contradictions you see.)
    To consider race as a genre is humorous. But really, like books? I guess books do get into their own social issues and such, but it has yet to be documented. If you can provide an example where dividing conscious living organisms by inane means results in harmony, please do so. Until then, rethink what it means to be a nigger from Kenya and a nigger from Cuba. Think about being a Paki from Pakistan and then think about being a Paki from Burma. If you are so fortunate to have never witnessed race and the repercussions of just the very concept, then I envy your blessed life.
    “Primitive” is usually attributed to early, or technologically undeveloped, sure, civilizations or peoples. I have given no word any power. What power did you infer? And really: “Who has placed this label on Africa?” You surely can’t be that naïve to the media’s display of the underdeveloped continent, even texts from the 70’s and 80’s exhibit a strong sense of a lost civilization. I mean, when I moved here- kids throughout middle school asked if I rode lions and lived with gorillas. Pretty fucking sad, if I do say so. So, if you wonder why my writing is angered, bitter or harsh then it’s because it’s an impassioned delivery not just a passing thought.
    You infer so much, even without context. I never said “race” as an English word; I used it as the word given to the concept which we have learned. We are accustomed to see difference in appearances, it is natural and we generally appreciate diversity. But when we are raised to hear that chinks (almost typed “chicks”) can’t drive and that wetbacks steal shit, then we grow to be pretty fucked up people.
    Borders have lost their meaning, except with China. China has no borders, China owns the globe. International lines have lost their value. The united nations, and the UN, of the world will continue to grow closer. Mass communication will make sure a borderless world happens. The ability to move about the globe is increasingly more incredible by the day, these days.
    I agree, the last paragraph is forced- but I felt that I incorporated enough foreshadowing to allow it’s presence, here.
    I guarantee your religion, at one point or another, has condoned and allowed racism. And by the way, usually the one’s suffering from oppression are racist because their oppressors have given them reason to be racist. Wow, you really need to learn how to read. Sorry.

    P.S. Some words were supposed to be italicized for emphasis. Just use your imagination.

  6. Oh! Forgot to address you thing on language- just re-read your post, ziiiiiiiiiing! Just kidding.
    Seriously though, I can't answer that without going completely apeshit.