Monday, March 01, 2010

The Minute Observer Re-Presents

I find it extremely difficult to write anything for this blog without feeling even more pompously arrogant than I usually do. I try quite hard to keep my writing entertaining yet still poignant but I enjoy going off on tangents, which often enough are worth reading/hearing/understanding, yet I think I might be better off staying true and clear to the point. I was encouraged to create a more sophisticated blog, citing facts and sources. While I agree that this would allot me (and the cited articles) due credit, I don't really want that. Honestly, this is to be taken with a closed mind. Don't believe any of it.

This blog is about the thoughts that spew forth occasionally from the depths of my leather sole. This is entirely opinion. I could say it's all fact but that doesn't make it true. And the most insane thing is, I could be completely honest about it all. Anyway, it's up to you to investigate this world, with your own senses (I'll be writing about sensory experience soon!) and form your own thoughts. This blog is for your entertainment and mine, and perhaps also for their enlightenment depending on how progressed their minds are.

For the handful that have read so far, feel free to comment and leave suggestions. I would like my audience (that handful of you out there) to shape the blog somewhat, not entirely of course that's for Jesus and Xena to do - all night long. This blog will be my voice flailing across the internet, passed you, into the abyss and on drugs.

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