Friday, March 05, 2010

Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

Sunday morning came too soon. Before I knew it, my stuff was packed up and in my car, ready to go. I thought about the weekend so far: witnessing the most ridiculous missing persons case to smoking Hookah with Vlad, G and Will out in the cold, the freezing cold.

Once we were all pressed and dressed for the day ahead, we left G11 and strode over to the nearest dining hall.

After our hearty brunch, Vlad and I headed to my car so he could say goodbye to AriaBella. Back in Rafuse, we had Glenn join us in a few games of 8-ball, A short break later, the USA-Canada Olympic Hockey game was being completely ignored (by me, anyway) and we played our final game: Cutthroat.

About 10 or 15 or 45 minutes into the game, Vlad was eliminated. So I decide, after securing my place on the table, to manipulate the game to prolong the fun. You can call me Agra, Vi-Agra.

And then! During the game Glenn had mistakenly shot out of order. Clearly, Glenn had to be reprimanded for this action. Without hesitation, Vlad announces, "This is happening!" while grabbing one of Glenn's balls to throw it into the nearest pocket. Triumphantly roaring, "PUNISHED!!!" I was on the floor, trying to breathe because I couldn't stop laughing. I just couldn't stop as Glenn stood there motionless and Vlad remained fairly nonchalant for a moment about the whole ordeal. I would love to know what went on in Glenn's head at that very moment.

A few laughs later (courtesy of Arrested Development and Aziz Ansari), I said my goodbyes and headed out of Rafuse Hall. AriaBella was ready. It was the perfect resolution to a great weekend. The perfect cool-down.

After driving North for about 15 minutes (assholes fail continuously to add off- and on-ramps to the thruways here), I was on my way home. Somewhere through Pennsylvania I nearly doubled the state speed limit. Other than that, it was a gorgeous drive, especially given the company of John Coltrane's "Lush Life" and a Tom Waits' compilation.

I rolled into Millburn by about 8:50, a good 2 hours and 40 odd minutes of freedom.

Good night. Great weekend.

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  1. I love these anecdotes! You can call me Agra, Vi-Agra!