Sunday, March 21, 2010

Save the Testicles

Young men! Where have your nuts gone? I said,
Young Men! Where are those boys?

Alas, I must write about the sad demise of our once masculine-dominated society. It’s sad because it is an example of how easily emotions override logic. The masculine-dominated society employed a masculine-dominated language, we now know that as politically incorrect (turns out that’s a double negative, politics are always incorrect). The domination was set up to allow language to be specific, or exact, and direct. So if you’ve kept up so far, I don’t care much for the dominant male-monkey attitude; in fact, I rather despise it. I am totally and incurably for women’s liberation; unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that many women are raised to be subservient and dominated. Parenting fail.

Back to those young men!, through the power of language, men are getting pregnant and are also having kids! Did you get that, men, the people with penises, are having kids. It’s ridiculous. Where does it end? How about the subtle emasculation of language, i.e. personhole cover or the non-gender specific replacement for salesman, associate? No one seems to mind, but then no one seems to mind that “all right” has become “alright”. I suppose because “already” exists, it had to be America-fied and thus we have “alright”. Well done again, America. “LOL”

Seriously though, I am all for the feminist movement. I want them to move the hell away from me! They’re usually the ones I wouldn’t go near, anyway. Just kidding, ladies. I don’t particularly like “feminism” because it forces the identity of “masculinism” to be negative or oppressive. That’s unfair, dudettes; I mean, way to go, using illogical and unreasonable thinking to get your way, as usual. You girls are brilliant, and that’s why I admire you. You take on the masculine world and conquer it so slyly that you don’t even know that you’re doing it! It was inevitable though, it’s inherent in nature, Mother Earth says so, as it is in Mother Culture. Oooh Mama.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself, Observer. The ladies have had us "chasing" them from the very beginning. The first thing we did when we left our fathers' penises was chase that egg! "LOL." Mother Nature said so, and so it shall be.

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