Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mandatory Meetings

I was a little frustrated to see the microwave claimed it was not even 9, yet. Vlad and his dorm-mate Glenn were still asleep, as they should've been. As I should have been. I logged onto Vlad's laptop and read the news on the Chilean tragedies. Really makes me wonder how long it will take the western world to realize that instead of promoting prolonged life, they ought to promote the value of life and how easily it disappears. Be grateful to be- a great place to start is the Grateful Dead and the various accompanying accoutrement that go along with the flow-uh, show.

A few lazy hours later, after slipping in and out of sleep, Vlad was up and ready to eat. We headed over to procure our brunch with G and Glenn. I believe Jordan showed up, too. Later on, after losing 0-4 at 8-ball, we made our way over to a Chinese buffet place. Due to the incredible weather though, we had to dig Natascha (Vlad's Mazda 6) out of her icy fortress. Even after much digging, she just couldn't rock over the snow traps. I stood there watching these four college students (Vlad at the wheel with G, Glenn, and birthday-boy-Derek outside pushing) trying to move the car. Yes, I stood there and watched as they struggled to free the Mazda. After realizing these scholars were pushing the car downward into the snow traps, I ran back to the front (what?) to try pushing with an upwards force. In a matter of 4 or 5 heaves Natascha was free. If only I would try to cure cancer.

Four full stomach's later (Derek just happened to be outside at that time), we headed back to Rafuse as the select boys of G-street had a date with their RA. The meeting lasted a good hour. During which I thought about this blog, actually.

After a quick bout of Smash Bro's on CB's Wii, we uncorked the second bottle of champagne. A toast to Senor Derek.

Not long after, we were on our way to a Water Polo party where our choice of drinks was between Red and Green. Green tasted like the Hulk's ball-sweat while Red actually tasted more like kool-aid. Soon enough we were at Tom & Marty's, a bar co-dominated by Water Polo, Rugby and the Women's Chess teams. Blue moon in a mason jar. A beer tower of Yuengling. Much better than the Hulk's ball-sweat.

A bus ride back to campus and a short walk to sleep.

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