Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Blind, Deaf and Dumb Ages

Imagine the future, even a hundred years from now. Fine, I know you can't do it. It'll be amazing; everyone will win the lotto everyday except the lotto won't be a money awarding system it will be a game that allows you to live one more day. It will be a ploy to force people into enjoying and appreciating every day of their lives. My utopia. ANYWAY, I'm sure they'll have a damn near infinitesimal amount of archives of what went on during the txt & twat generations- as long as Dick Cheney doesn't eat them, I suppose.

Still, think about a history book in 2110. Consider our legacy, here. People will discover China and see that there were families, probably worse off than slaves, where children and mutilated parents alike were forced to spend all day in nigh-unbearable conditions only to have a bowl, one bowl, of rice for the whole family to eat so they go to bed hungry instead of starving in their walk-in closet sized room.

Our children will see who we really are. They will see we are the bullshitters and selfish assholes; the filth who abused this incredible planet and ruined so many perfect creations, gifts from nature were destroyed for man's feeble attempt at conquering. Man has yet to conquer his own life, but he has set out to dominate what is not his; the world.*

When the records are discussed and analyzed, our children will notice that when Haiti was demolished by the very force we so foolishly tried to overcome that the world provided relief for those victims; it was televised and publicized endlessly. The press got their hot date. While they were still smoking their cigarette, another quake struck the third world. Chile was devastated by an 8.8, then experienced multiple severe aftershocks. This event was categorized as one of the worst Earthquakes that Chile, or that part of the world really, has ever experienced. The quake reached Australia- that's the pretty much the span of the Pacific Ocean!!!

The world kept on smiling. It's really easy to feel good after you've just jerked off, right? (Still, there's that impending sense of shame and guilt)

Think about it, you're a terrible person. Sure, you can be nice, polite, respectful and whatever other word helps you sleep through the night, but when it comes down to our own standards, we are nothing but one huge, heaping pile of shit. And we're corrosive shit. Yeah, we reek that much. We ruin everything.

Fuck you.

*I urge all of you to pick up a copy of Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It's about a talking Gorilla and it will change your life.

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  1. Wow, that's a pretty epic post. I agree to what you're talking about. Damned world. -_-

    Oh and um, o_O why will I hate you?