Sunday, March 07, 2010

All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt

I saved Haiti. No, don’t thank me (I’ve already gotten a t-shirt). Thank the customers of Nordstrom; I gave all my tip money from a busy Friday- a good $12-16, easily. Anyway, as I was on my way to Café Luna, two high school girls approached me with cut soda bottles labelled SAVE HAITI. They asked if I wanted to help. I said, “Sure I’ll give it a shot.” ! Before I knew it, I was presented a t-shirt for saving Haiti and I was on my way to enjoy those delightful essse lattes. Hold your applause, please.

Don’t you think us westerners have displayed enough arrogance for the world to see? I mean, just look at those high school kids, toting the slogan “Save Haiti”. There were other kids collecting money out there for Kids with Cancer but their slogan was “Help Cancer Kids”. I sat confused in Cafe Luna; we really ought to Help Haiti and Save the Cancer Kids. If anything, the alliteration makes it way catchier. Another thing to mention about these kids who are begging on the streets is that they belong to a fairly affluent community. I thought that was interesting; rich, white kids who have no real perspective for what they’re really doing, bumming for change.

Shockingly enough, there are actual kids who are starving and need that money to survive right here in the United States. Then we also have the crack babies. It just seems like we have quite a predicament here already. The fact that the whole nation rallied to help a foreign nation before we’ve even considered helping our domestic neighbours says a lot about how patriotic the patriots really are. God Bless America, 'cause no one else will.

There needs to be less concern for other nations. I’m not saying we should not be a part of the globalizing world but we should retain our identity in this globalizing world. Instead of participating in meaningless wars and occupancies, allegiances and blockades, America should adjust its focus back to America (remember, like back in the good ol’ days). It just seems like something of concern to me to consider the amount of resources that are spent willingly outside of these borders when it could be of great benefit right here.

I suppose I have forgotten that the world belongs to China. We belong to China. Haiti now belongs to China; Haiti, thank China. I guess the only question that’s left is: Who does China belong to? Probably Jesus.


  1. Lmao. You're right, China probably does belong to Jesus. Go China!

    I also agree that we may spend a little bit too much time outside our own country when we really need to get things together. How are we supposed to help everyone else if we're falling apart?


  2. Glad the laughs are coming through even with such depressing material.

    But thanks for responding because I am going to analyse your response!
    You say "may spend a little bit too much"; may, insinuating that it could be entirely justified that we do pour money into other economies and then you say "little bit" lending the idea that we're probably partly responsible for those other countries' state of affairs. Again, even in our language we display this unfathomable level of arrogance. The way we speak and mentally register certain things is really, really interesting.
    You really should have just said "I agree we spend too much on other countries." Spending any money outside of these borders is counter-productive when there is a deficit within the borders.

  3. KIRAN! So, I'm not working with you anymore, but I never got the chance to tell you that I read some of your stuff. You said you think you sound pompous, you're right haha; but it's really great writing.

  4. I laughed at the t-shirt thing, and the China belonging to Jesus thing.

    And thank you for the analysis. You enjoy doing that sort of thing, huh?

    I just believe that although "I agree we spend too much on other countries," that in some instances it's sort of nice to see human beings help each other out. Even though we should be helping the ones closest to us first.