Friday, February 26, 2010

The Minute Observer Presents: The Despicable Age

A by-product of our glorious society is a phenomenon I refer to as the "Despicable Age". Between the ages of 18 and 21, our youth are barred from adult festivities yet are thrown amidst adult responsibilities. We are also expected to maintain a childlike mentality, so we're obedient I imagine, while we grow into the incapable adults we are fated to be.

At the ripe age of 18, when the fun really starts- when we discover ourselves, when we fall in and out of love only to learn it's just lust, when we disappear in life's mysteries- we are allowed to sacrifice our bodies for our most glorious country, we're allowed to vote for our next glorious leader, we're ready to bend over and get screwed every year for the rest of our lives but we cannot stop by our local bar and have a pint? Not without slighting our glorious law, anyway.

The Law: ever notice that between those ages the only people readily available for intimate relationships are the other people in that age group. It is only so because of the ridiculous and inane law of the land. Connecting with another person, it's non-gender specific these days, you knew from high school who's still in high school after you've graduated isn't always frowned upon but it is illegal. That wonderful word, Jailbait, comes to mind. Then, trying to connect with someone above the age of 21 in the necessary social situation is damn near impossible as they tend to be where a big dude in all black checks your ID to make sure your eye colour is correct, or something like that.

Thankfully, there are plenty of exceptions to these circumstances. But still, the law does infringe upon my pursuit of happiness, usually by the hour. I just find it curious that people haven't even considered the repercussions due to these laws: stinted social growth, inadequate personal development through life, unnecessary and intense anxieties and depressions, prolonged virginity for some- it's just another way we're complacently reminded that we don't have any control except for the remote control.

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